Membres du groupe :

       Jean-Pierre Froidebise (Guitars, vocals)
       René Stock (Bass)
       Marcus Weymaere (Drums)


     Froidebise Trio is a power blues/rock band around legendary guitarist Jean-Pierre Froidebise


Founded in 2010, Froidebise Trio delivers a mix of electric blues and rock with a huge sound like no one else.
They recorded "The Mind Parasites" album in a live studio performance that has been as well filmed.
In 2011, the band headed up to Brussels to record the live album "Live @ The Montmartre", filled with own compositions and nices covers of intemporal blues and rock.
They deliver state-of-the-art stage performances with a combined experience of more than a century and thousands of concerts!

Album "The Mind Parasites" available on iTunes.
Album "Live @ The Montmartre" available on

JEAN-PIERRE FROIDEBISE (b.1957, Liège) starts as a self-taught gutarist before meeting Steve Houben (with whom he'll play later) who will give him harmonies lessons. In the same period, he stumble around American guitarist Bill Frisell. In the 80's, he'll play with Pierre Rapsat, BJ Scott, Pascal Charpentier, J.I. Duchesne, Christiane Stefanski, ...
Being the guitarist of Eurosong Contest in '86, he plays sevral RTBF television shows with Juliette Greco, Nicoletta, Michel Fugain, Adamo, ...
He then forms rock band Such A Noise! with Rudy Lenners (Scorpions), Jean-Pierre Cocco and Alain Pire. They'll record four albums and will play as support act for Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, John Hammond, Luther Alison, Albert Colins, Robben Ford, ...
Jean-Pierre participate to the modern circus Feria Musica for ten years (Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, ...).
He's the lead guitariste in the French version of Jesus Christ Superstar.
He has recorded three solo album under his name: Freezing to the bone (Blues in English), Eroticomobile (French songs) and Soft Music For Broken Hearts (ballads and poems in French and English).
Jean-Pierre Froidebise is also well-known for his humour, as powerful as his guitar riffs!

RENE STOCK (b.1962, Liège) is a self-taught electrical bass player. He decided to study double bass at the Music Academy in Welkenraedt and Liège. After that he continued to study at the Conservatoire Royal de Musique in Liège where he obtained, in 1995, the Advanced Degree in Double Bass.
René’s music and educational experiences are as numerous as varied both in Belgium and abroad. He taught at the Turkish Conservatoire of Adana, but also at the AKDT in Libramont and the Rock School in Eupen, among other examples. In classical music he has taken part in many concerts in an orchestra: ORW, OPL, LSO-Maastricht. He has also been head instrumentalist at the State Symphony Orchestra in Adana (Turkey) and Saxacorda with Rhonny Ventat.
In the field of blues and middle-of-the-road popular songs, he has accompanied many Belgian and international artists such as Roland Van Campenhoudt, BJ Scott, Willy Willy and the Voodoo Band, Catherine Feeny, Johnny Dyer, Sista Monica Parker, The Electric Kings, Last Call, J-P Froidebise, Fred Lani, Renaud Patigny, Marc Lelangue, Guido Belcanto, Klezmamo, The Full Moon Orchestra, Dimitril, Kathleen Vandenhoudt,Gene Taylor, Big Pete, Junior Watson, Toni Lynn Washington, Alex Schultz, Mitch Kashmar, James Harman, … His eclecticism is reflected in many recordings: Catherine Feeny, André Rieu, Gilbert Montagné, Kathleen Vandenhoudt, The Electric Kings, Last Call, Willy Willy and the Voodoo Band, Superslinger, X-Three, Froidebise, Dimitri, Klezmamo, The Full Moon Orchestra,…
He also took part in the development of the music of the following films: Rosetta from the Dardenne brothers (Palmes d'Or in Cannes Film Festival), “Pour le Plaisir” from Dominique Deruddere and “Luke and Lucy: The Texas Rangers” 


Marcus WEYMAERE (b.1965, Charleroi). Education : graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Brussels (Jazz).

Marcus has been a renowed and appreciated value on the European music scene since the 90s. He toured Belgium, France and Canada with a number of famous bands such as Cowboys and Aliens, Stella (The Prestidigitatour with over 50 concerts), Gorki, Beverly Jo Scott, Barbara Dex, William Dunker, Admiral Freebee, Guy Swinnen a.o.
Marcus is also a much wanted session musician due to the variety of styles which he manages and his uniform play which he displays in his musical workplays as no other. Some would say he once swallowed a metronome. You can hear Marcus' work on CD's by Beverly Jo Scott (Divine Rebel - Cut and Run), Barbara Dex (Blue Eyed Girl), Derek (In the Red River) and Stella (AB Rose). You can also see him in action on the live concert DVD's of AB Rose (Stella) and Cut and Run (Beverly Jo Scott). Apart from working hard and being able to give a more than decent performance on the bass, Marcus takes care of his nine-year old son and enjoys both eating and cooking delicious food.

Marcus is The Voice’s drummer.


Quelques titres....




The Mind Parasites - CD/DVD 2010

Live @The Montmartre - CD 2011

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